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For Tutors

Create a tutor profile to get started

  • Once a tutor profile is created, verify your account by responding the verification email sent to the email address you provided.
  • You may edit your profile at any time which includes setting your own pay rate and schedule.

Using the ATS platform

  • Please respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. Response rate factors into your overall tutor rating.
  • Only contact students through the ATS online messaging systems. Violators of this policy will result in the removal of your profile from the ATS website.
  • If you have any technical difficulties using the website please contact support@acctutoring.com or call 1-800-470-7193 urgent issues.


  • We take your privacy and security very seriously.
  • We do NOT share any of your personal information to any other business or entity without your permission.
  • We only collect personal information that is relevant to connecting you to students, getting paid, or direct communication between you and ATS.
  • We do not sell or share personal information for any reason.


  • Payment happens on a biweekly (every other week) basis.
  • Tutors choose whether they want their payments to be direct deposit or check by mail.
  • Our payment system is secure and trustworthy, however if you have some payment-related issues, please call 1-800-470-7193 immediately.
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