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Thank you for choosing ATS. We believe that we are the best choice to help you grow your personal tutoring business. Let us tell you how our platform works.

Tutors are independent contractors

Your Business Your Money

At ATS, our tutors are independent contractors. As an independent tutor you have the freedom to choose who you want to tutor, when you want to tutor, and how much you want to get paid. Tutors can either search and contact students or students can search and contact tutors. Our platforms streamlines the process of running your own tutoring business as we connect your with potential clients, provide a way for you to manage your tutoring schedule, and give you the flexibility to set your own hourly rate. What make ATS different from other companies that provide similar services is that we believe our tutors should be able to keep the majority of the money they earn and tutors always know exactly how much money they will make for each tutoring lesson they provide. We charge a FLAT fee based on the number of hours your


Here at ATS we take privacy, trust, and fairness very seriously. We never share your contact or other sensitive information without
your expressed permission.


Building trust with our students and tutors is essential. Students pay for their tutoring sessions to ATS via a secure payment system through our platform. On the other side, tutors provide a valuable service to our students using your expertise and you can trust that you will be paid in full for your services and in a timely manner.

ATS provides convenient ways for our tutors to get paid. Tutors can elect to have a payment check mailed to their address of their choice or directly deposited biweekly.


We at ATS strive to treat every student and tutor fairly by giving each person the same chance to succeed. We do not discriminate for any reason and it is an ATS policy that tutors do not discriminate. This will help to ensure an equitable and fair environment and it will also help you, as a tutor, to be successful.

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