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Accolade Tutoring Services was first established in 2008. After years of researching best practices as it relates to learning and academic support, we relaunched in 2017. During this process we had two key findings. The first thing we learned is that one-on-one tutoring works. They key is to pair students with a teacher who can customize lessons and tailor their instruction, in terms of style and content, to best meet student needs. The second thing we learned is that not everyone has equal access to quality educational support. We strongly believe that everyone should have equal access to educational support. Our efforts are aimed at addressing our research findings. Here at ATS, our main goals are to make access to educational support easy and affordable and to connect learners to highly qualified tutors. So, we have designed a platform that connects students to high qualified, affordable tutors.

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Our commitment is providing you with the best tutoring experience. That’s why we offer a 100% Tutor Satisfaction Guarantee!

We have an easy pay system that allows you to pay per session. There are no hidden fees, no contracts, and no subscriptions.

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